Spirit Snacks

Spirit Snacks: An Exploration of Ephemeral Energies in Multiple Dimensions

Spirit Snacks
A perpetual collaboration
Shlumper x onbd

What we know...

Spirit Snacks are made of pure Energy, a kind of "embodiment" of an ancient life force.
They exist freely in physical + metaphysical format, in three different categories:


Sea Spirits

The sea is the source of all life. It symbolizes both the great mystery and fascination of the story of our origins. Historically, spirits have been documented to appear in water reflections, most visible during in sunsets or when ships pass by.

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Land Spirits

More solid-looking, but still ephemeral and often floating in the air. We have been installing "Visual Portals" in the form of wall murals, installations, etc., placed at specific points all over the world. The activation of these portals enables us to see the spirits presently living among us.

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Space Spirits

Recently discovered, the spirits in this category seem to be both ancient but simultaneously from the future; our only working explanation is that they use quantum physics to exist within multiple universes, in potential futures or alternative worlds in the cosmos.

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Where to view

1/1 Drops: Spirit snacks that appear on-chain- Opensea, LooksRare, Bybit NFT.

Collections: minted from a custom smart-contract, 800 of each Spirit type, 2400 in total.

Events: viewing parties, exhibitions of SpiritSnacks in physical form (NFT NYC).

Public installations: Murals, monoliths, etc.- physical Portals in select global locations.

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An Immersive Experience

The ultimate goal is to create Spirit Snacks portals at various locations around the world where visitors can experience Spirit Snacks for themselves.

Shlumper’s large-scale ship installation will attract the Spirits, and our AR detection apparatus will allow us to see them.

Join us in our search for the meaning behind these ancient beings, who were here long before we existed and will likely remain long after we’re gone.

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Who We Are


Kevin Heisner is a multi-disciplinary artist. Hailing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Art & Technology (1997), he has combined traditional art practices with robotics and other new-media technology including AR, VR, and AI connecting physical spaces to the metaverse. It is his exploration in these cross-media spaces that lended to his discovery of the Spirit Snacks. Kevin works to these ends, continuously building and residing in both Chicago and New York City.

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Onboard Creative

Onboard Creative (ONBD) is a curatorial brand and residency focused on discovering, conceptualizing, and realizing NFT projects. As the artists' facilitators, ONBD provides the education and support to creators to elegantly guide them into the NFT space. ONBD has recently implemented a special research arm of its organization which is dedicated to uncovering the mysteries surrounding the Spirit Snacks.

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"Spirit Snacks" is a captivating art project that delves into the realms of energy and vibrations that shape our diverse realities. These transcendent entities manifest in a myriad of forms, encompassing AI-generated NFTs, augmented reality experiences, delectable edible gummies, captivating paintings and prints, mesmerizing digital creations, 3D nylon print sculptures, and ethereal textiles.

Encountering "Spirit Snacks" is a multisensory journey that can unfold within immersive exhibitions or transcend into the Metaverse, blurring the boundaries between virtual and physical realms. In these interactive installations, visitors become active participants, engaging with the ethereal energies on display.

While the physical form of "Spirit Snacks" may be ephemeral, their essence endures infinitely on the blockchain, preserving their existence for generations to come. These ethereal creations manifest unexpectedly, presenting themselves in astonishing and unpredictable ways. Thus, it becomes paramount to seize the opportunity to encounter and embrace them whenever possible.

Limited in both opportunities and quantities, each encounter with a "Spirit Snack" becomes a rare and cherished moment. Whether it's stumbling upon an AI-generated NFT, receiving an in-real-life airdrop tied to a virtual reality experience, savoring an edible gummy infused with cosmic vibrations, or marveling at a captivating painting or sculpture, each encounter holds profound significance.

"Spirit Snacks" invites you to explore the interplay between the tangible and intangible, the temporal and eternal, and to connect with the boundless energies that shape our existence. Embrace the unexpected, immerse yourself in the ineffable, and indulge in these extraordinary encounters that illuminate the ever-evolving fabric of our world.