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Spirit Snacks
A perpetual collaboration
Shlumper x onbd

Edible Research Program

Welcome to the Spirit Snacks Edible Research Program. In our research, we have discovered that consuming certain "Spirits" in gummy candy form enables some individuals to experience a "Eureka!" moment of communion with the Spirit entity. We have made these gummy's available and for sale now, and encourage those who are interested to join us in our research. Each purchased gummy gives an opportunity to receive free airdrops, both physical (prints) and digital (NFTs), including the chance to win a 1/1 Spirit Snack NFT worth 1ETH. Winners will be announced on theONBD Discord channel.Remember: "Spirit Snacks are physical & metaphysical, ephemeral & eternal all at the same time."

-Shlumper, Lead Artist and Researcher

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